Tips and Techniques

The Tasar is unique in that it is the only sailing dinghy supplied with a handbook and it includes valuable information on where to set everything. From the designer himself. This is a highly detailed account of settings and techniques from the designer. It is based on the dacron sails that were the standard at the time of writing, but the guidance remains valid for the new mylar sails.

Also, for the really keen there is Frank’s highly referenced and acclaimed book ‘High Performance Sailing’. It is not entirely about the Tasar, but the Tasar and its development features significantly in the pages. It is a substantial book and some sections are highly technical by widely regarded as one of the most informed and important books on small boat sailing.

The above title image is by Nick Champion.

UK Quick Start Guide

We have also produced a UK Quick Start Guide for those looking for a shorter summary.

There is also a number of Tips and Guides on the International Class Website