Vote on Weight Equalisation Rule Removal

The Japanese Tasar Council (JTC) has made a formal proposal to the World Tasar Council (WTC) to remove the weight equalisation rule.

This rule has been inactive formally in the UK for 2 years and probably some time before that; it is also not in use in the USA & JPN, but is still followed in AUS.

There has been extensive debate on Facebook on the subject and the details of the process and the pros and cons can be found in this document >>>

The GBR Tasar association is now holding a vote of GBR and European Tasar sailors (Helms and Crews) to gauge the views on this rule removal.

The vote will close on Tuesday 31/01/2023 at noon.

Please share your opinion and vote via this link >>>

Note the GBR & Europe Committee is not bound by the outcome of the vote.