Torquay Dinghy Regatta


Three Tasars (John/Andy and Neil/Steve from Babbacombe plus Liz/Roger from QMSC) joined 14 other assorted dinghies in the non-asymmetric fleet at Torquay Dinghy Regatta held on the weekend of 8th-9th October.

The forecast was definitely in two halves with very light winds expected on the Saturday and a brisk F4–5 (or 6 depending on which forecast you looked at) for Sunday.

Arriving unavoidably late on the Saturday morning (and expecting to have missed at least one if not two races) Liz and Roger were cheered to find the fleet sitting patiently on the harbour wall and the AP flag hanging limply.  Racing finally began, on a windward/leeward course, some two hours after the scheduled start time, in a light but, by then, moderately consistent breeze.  A great port end start in the first race saw Neil/Steve sailing across the front of the fleet and they kept their lead throughout, coming in 3rd (on handicap).  In the second race the wind picked up a bit and it was Liz/Roger who had the good start and also managed to hold onto the advantage for the whole race, achieving a 2nd place.  Due to time constraints the third race was a one-lapper in which all three Tasars were very close down the run but Neil/Steve managed to sneak inside Liz/Roger at the leeward mark and make it to the line first with Liz/Roger and then John/Andy very close behind.


Injury sustained on day 1 meant that Liz and Roger decided not to participate on the Sunday (which dawned with the promised brisk conditions).  Arriving at the harbourside to pack up their boat, they met other racers who had also decided stay onshore plus a trickle of boats returning from the first race with an assortment of injuries and breakages.  Sadly, one of these was John and Andy with a broken tiller.  Tasar representation was therefore now reduced to one(!) – Neil and Steve – who continued, however, to enjoy themselves in the wind and the waves, ending up with an excellent 2nd place overall, sandwiched between two Aero 5s.