Tasar Hull Specification : Important Notice June 2018

This Tasar World News Hull-Specification-Changes announcement explains how the WTC came to the position we find ourseleves in with respect to changes to the dagger box design including the use of the 29er dagger.
Regretfully the UK tasar association were not consulted in the matter. Julian Bethwaite pushed the changes through under his ability to change the specification of the boat. There was a challenge by the Australians that argued this was a design change, not specification. It ended up with world sailing to announce a view, hence the announcement link above.
To put it in context a limited number of boats have been built and the highest placed was 13th in the Australian nationals.
The real difference is the reduction of turbulence around the Board. Tasar UK are working with the WTC to get a rule change to the treatment and finishing of the resilient foam filler.
Currently the filler must be made of a resilient material, ie: One that deforms, bounces back, and recovers its orginal form and can not be faired in. A rather clever, cheap and effective modification to reduce turbulence has been developed by the Hayling sailors which is currently according to confirmation from the Chief WTC measurer not legal. It is higly unlikley to be accepted in time for the nationals, but we may get an exemption and will keep posting progress of current discussions.

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