Tasar 2018 Nationals Measurement Requirements

So far we have 30 boats paid to attend the nationals and we hope more will consider coming ( It should be noted that the next price escalator occurs on the 24th August) The event is being billed as a warm up to the worlds to be held at HISC in 2019.
The Worlds are generating a healthy interest in Australia with potentially four containers being shipped. In preparation to this event we have agreed to run the 2018 nationals measurement process more robustly than the recent past to ensure competitors boats are in line with current class rules which can be found at http://www.tasar.org/the-tasar/class-rules.aspx

Boats will be measured for the 2018 Nationals. The winning boat of each race will be re-measured and also one other boat randomly selected. Details of this will be added to the sailing instructions.
Boats will be measured prior to Registration and in order to ease congestion on the day we are allowing pre-measurement by the owner of the boat. This will be scrutinised and certain items checked.
The attached documents set out how owners can pre-measure.
We have also prepared some “You Tube” videos in a “how to” approach, to make understanding the rules a little easier.
We would encourage every sailor to study the documents below and prepare their boats to ensure a hassle free registration process.
[24/08/18] measurement and class rules compliance signoff document for you to print.
[24/08/18] PRE-Measurement and compliance signoff document for you to print, scan and return by email.

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