Signal Locker New Boat Update

The most diligent among you will have noticed that the New Boat section of our website has just turned from green to red, on account of the fact that the last hull from the most recent batch has found a new home. This means that for the first time in many years we are going into the new season without a new boat in stock. We are of course researching the costs and lead times for a new batch and expect to bring you news on this in a few weeks time.

However, there are some things we know already. For instance we know that we have to bring in a full container of boats to make the operation economic  –  and we know that this can only work if most of the boats are already spoken for. Also we know that eight boats in a 40 foot container will be less expensive that four boats in a 20 footer.

In addition to this, and even though we don’t yet have full pricing information, we can say that we will be offering a factory order deal for Tasar sailors who pre-order their boat. It is not time to commit yet, but it is an excellent time to express interest. So if you have spent the last year or two thinking about a new Tasar, please give us a call and we’ll tell you what we have found out so far.

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