There has been ongoing discussion about the 130kg crew weight rule in the class for decades.

An open letter on the matter was published here:

The rule C.6 can be viewed here:[24889].pdf

There was also recent discussion on the matter here:

Recently there has been a formal submission by the Japanese Tasar Association (JTA) to the World Tasar Council (WTC) that rule C.6 be deleted.

It would appear at this stage there is general support for this proposal but the change to class rules needs to go through a formal consolation process and vote.

It seems that in North America and Japan this rule has been suspended for some time and it is now the intention that GBR/Europe follows suit and rule C.6 will be suspended until the outcome of the formal process.

This means that at all future Tasar GBR events the rule will not be enforced.

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